TEASER [Play With Me] by Kristen Proby


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In celebration of reaching 2500 likes on facebook author Kristen Proby has released an excerpt from her upcoming book. Play With Me book 3 from the With Me in Seattle series set to release in March.


Updated Teaser 2/21/13:

“This isn’t luck,” I state firmly and his gaze whips to mine, surprised. “Will, this is the result of you working your ass off and earning it. I may not know everything there is to know about football, but I know that it’s not easy, and I know that I’m so very proud of you. Not because of your contract, or the jersey you wear – which you look damn hot in, by the way – but because you’re doing what you always dreamed of. How many of us can say that?”

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Original teaser 1/20/13:

“Okay, what are we drinking to this time?” I ask and look around the table at my friends and their men. All of the parents left the party a few hours ago, and all that’s left are Jules and Nate, Natalie and Luke, Stacy and Isaac, Brynna, Matt, Caleb and Will. All of the other guests have gone home, leaving the eleven of us to drink shots and laugh and catch up.
I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.

If I drink this next shot, I just might forget the escapade in the bathroom with Will.


Probably not.

Speaking of Will, he keeps watching me, sipping a beer, quiet. But I ignore him and lift another shot of tequila in the air. So far, we’ve toasted babies, rock and roll, tattoos, shopping, and shopping again.

“Here’s to orgasms, and the three I’m going to have tonight!” Natalie exclaims, earning fits of giggles from the rest of us girls while the boys – all except for Luke – grumble about TMI.

“To orgasms!” we all concur and slam the shot. Continue reading the excerpt here


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