#SMUTBookFridays | Review [Fever] (Breathless #2) by Maya Banks





Book Title: Fever
Author: Maya Banks

Reviewer: Smut Book Lover





I have seen my fellow Twitter and SMIBookClub friends praise Ms. Banks work on Rush. While I was curious about these books, I had yet to buy them from Amazon. Boy, was I missing out on some AMAZING, freaking smut. Not only is the sex incredible, but the story is romantic as well.

Jace (what a sexy name, seriously) is the herione from the first book, Mia’s brother. If you read Rush, the first in the series, you will know a little about him. Between him and his two besties, Ash and Gabe, they are billionaires that own a chain of high end hotels. Plus they are controlling, kinky bastards, sound familiar? If you loved Christian and James, these you will love these three.

This time we meet Bethany, a sexy brunette with big blue eyes that catches Jace’s eye at Mia and Gabe’s engagement party. Come to find out she is homeless and hops into bed the same night she meets Jace for a threesome with his friend Ash. This sounds bad, but a homeless chick is proposed with a hot meal, a nice posh bed for the night and two hot studs, what would you say?

Jace is tormented thru the whole sexy threesome, even saying that the vagina is his and not letting Ash hit it in that hole (I am not much on being tactful, so sorry). The next morning Bethany is gone and Jace is on a mission to find her and scans all the homeless shelter in NYC until he finds his woman.

Bethany submits to Jace’s help and for once a leading lady let’s billionaire shower her with gifts. She is not a moochy girl just having amazing sex with him with no feelings attached, because believe me there are some serious, loving feelings between the two. I just get so tired of reading books where the girl just doesnt want money showered upon her. I get the whole I want to make it on my own thing, but take the damn gifts and money and be grateful bitches.

Now the sex, the sex is awesome, there is alot of it and can get kinky! The prose is well written as well so I give it a 4. Ms Banks writes well and has given us some lovable charachters. Jace is a domineering bastard at times but he is terribly sweet and loyal, I just loved his charachter. What man hunts down a woman all over NYC homeless shelters? He also does a lot more to protect her but you will have to read the book to know more.

Thank you Ms Banks for this trilogy!

-Laters, Smut Book Lover   


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