March Madness | The Dynamic Duo Introducing Authors Becca & Krista Ritchie

March Madness

We are kicking off this years March Madness with two ground breaking, twin duo sister authors Krista & Becca Ritchie!  kbritchieWe first got introduced to them a few months ago when Nic read their debut novel Addicted to You . The rest of The SMIBookClub Crew has been reading their books and falling in love with their characters! Grace, most recently read their latest novel Kiss the Sky and the saga continues as we anxiously wait for their next book Hothouse Flower.

We love your blog! On it you state that you write about characters in college because you both just finished college. Are your stories relatable to any personal experiences or friends from college? Do you think you will stick with the NA genre and let your books age along with you?

Becca: We definitely put some of our personal college experiences into the book, or at least the feelings we had while being in college. Lily and Lo are sort of lost on what they want to do and who they want to be, and when you first start out college, that fear starts growing. On the flip side, Rose and Connor are wildly ambitious, but they struggle with the definition of success. Will it ever be enough? Also the highlighter party and Pajama Jam in the first book are direct things that happen at the college we went to, and I’m sure they’re widespread elsewhere lol.

Krista: I love the NA genre, so I can’t see ourselves do anything else at the moment. We’re at the same point in our lives as our characters, so it’s easy to translate our own feelings about being twenty-something into them. It’s hard to think about what we’ll be doing or writing when we’re thirty or forty or even fifty. Hopefully we’ll just still be writing—no matter what genre. That would be the dream :)

According to your blog Becca has been writing longer than Krista, Becca will you publish any of your earlier work? And do you think you will write books without each other in the future?

Becca: Ooh, yeah. Um. So some of my first works are actually available. I wrote two books at fourteen called Wynter Chelsea (YA Supernatural), and I published them a couple years later. Are they great? I don’t remember. I cringe thinking back to it because I was still developing my own voice. If you choose to read it, beware, it’s nothing like the Addicted series and I can’t guarantee it’s good. I don’t ever want to write without Krista, by the way! It’s like cutting off one of my hands. We work so well together.

Krista: Writing can be such a solitary process, but we’re lucky enough that it really isn’t for us. I would hate to write without her.

When you’re writing a book and you disagree on a scene how do you agree on the final piece?

Becca: Rock paper scissors. Just kidding! We compromise. Usually we’ll step back, reread it again and end up agreeing with each other on how to fix it.

Krista: Definitely compromise. We’ve been writing for so long (way beyond when we published Addicted to You) that it’s become easier and easier to notice when something just isn’t working with plot or characters. The hard part is acceptance, lol.

 Never forget… Classic Juewelz @SMIBookClub twitter rant session


You’re both huge fans of The Vampire Diaries what do you think of the show since the originals have left? Personally most of us have stopped watching. Thank you CW for ruining another great series.  Do you think that you will ever write a paranormal romance?

Becca: HUGE CW fans in general. Love almost all of their shows. I’ve stopped watching The Vampire Diaries too, but I love The Originals. The only thing that’ll make it perfect is if Caroline moves to the French Quarter. I definitely think we’d be up for paranormal romance. A lot of Krista’s earlier work was paranormal romance, and I loved a lot of her stories.

Krista: Oh jeez. Don’t even get me started with this one! I tune in now and then for TVD, but I’ve mostly stopped watching. TVD was amazing when the original family was in Mystic Falls. Now that they’re gone, it’s like both shows are subpar. Though, I do prefer The Originals for…ahem…Klaus. And totally agree with Becca, Klaroline needs to happen ASAP. As for paranormal romances, I’d be open to writing them.

Favorite boy band Backstreet Boys or N’Sync (yes this is a serious question)

Becca: Backstreet Boys! I hated N’Sync growing up. We even went to a Backstreet Boys concert when we were younger. Honestly, you couldn’t hear the singing. The girls screamed so much that all I heard was, “I LOVE YOU NICK!” a thousand times over lol.

Krista: Of course it’s a serious question! This is the question for anyone who’s lived in the nineties. And yeah, I was a Backstreet Boys fan as well. Justin Timberlake is much better on his own, so as a boy band N’Sync just did not live up to Backstreet’s awesomeness 😉


Thanks so much for having us on your blog and for the amazing questions <3 <3

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