Guest Review [Collide] & book 2 [Pulse] TEASER by Gail McHugh



Book Title: Collide
Author: Gail McHugh

Reviewer: Theresa



Lots of SMIBookClub members have read and RAVED about Collide. Once I realized it was book 1 AND that it had a major cliffhanger I knew I could not personally read it , YET. I own it and it’s on my kindle but yall know how I feel about waiting and unfinished series. Book 2 Pulse is due sometime in the summer of 2013.

Thank you Theresa! For letting us post your review:

OMG! I couldn’t put it down. I loved it and just got totally absorbed into this love triangle. I got so frustrated with Emily and thank God for Olivia..right ladies? Dillon..ughh..waste of space! Gavin hmmmm..I think I’m in love with you. You’re sweet, loving, kind, caring and many more things. You’re the perfect #bookboyfriend! You’re definitely on my list. This is a must read. Its a roller coaster but too good not to get on.


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SUMMER 2013 book 2 the sequel Pulse by Gail McHugh

Author Gail McHugh surprised Collide fans an announced that there will be a sequel! Now she has released a very long teaser for fans over on Maryse Book Blog!

Emily watched Javier bolt down the steps and across the driveway. After placing her luggage back into the trunk, he opened the door to the limousine for her. Still standing on the porch, Emily hesitated. Her mind was spinning over every possible reason she shouldn’t show up in a public place to see Gavin. She couldn’t. It wouldn’t be right. They needed their privacy to discuss everything. Though the pain of having to wait to see him—even just a while longer— throbbed within her chest, Emily decided that she would get settled in her hotel room and come back later in the evening.  With that, she started making her way over to Javier to let him know her plans. As she neared the limo, she snapped her head in the direction of the sound of a vehicle’s tires kicking up gravel in the distance. Continue reading  HERE